WFPS Run & Cranked Energy.

This past weekend my dad, Ry, and I ran our second Half Marathon (21.1km). It was the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Run (WFPS). It was 0 degrees out but it was the perfect weather for me to run in. It wasn’t too cold and I’m so happy it wasn’t hot! This picture was taken right when we got to our race around 7:15am. I couldn’t believe how dark it still was!

The morning of race day I don’t like to eat too much, thanks so much to Cranked Energy for giving me the perfect amount to eat with all the nutrients my body needs to sustain a half marathon! Perfect running fuel! When I woke up I had two energy bites and an hour before the race I had another one.  Have I mentioned how delicious they are?!?! Well they are absolutely delicious and come in a whole variety of flavours & also have a vegan option! My favourite flavour is the Choco-Expresso! Go give them a follow on Instagram here! —> Cranked Energy


At the start of my run I was feeling pretty good and running beside the 1:55:00 pacer, I was ahead of them until around the 9 mile mark where my legs started to seize up and I had to slow down my pace. I can’t tell you how upset I was when the 2:00:00 pacers passed me. I may have started to cry… all this hard work and I only beat my time by one minute… At least I was able to finish the race! My race time was 2:05:48. Having Cayson and Brexleigh on my mind the whole time and wearing my lucky “This is for you Cayson & Brexleigh” t-shirt on during the race helped me push through. I kept thinking how lucky I am to have them and then I would start to cry all over again lol.

I can’t tell you how much of a mental game running a half marathon is. It’s absolutely insane. You feel like giving up every second, every mile but you just keep pushing through and telling yourself you can do it! If you’ve never ran one I highly encourage you to do so, you will never regret it. Well you might during the race but once you cross the finish line there is a feeling of euphoria! A “runner’s high” some even say! It is 100% worth it!

I’m also super proud of Ryan for beating his last half marathon time by 8 minutes and finishing his race in 2:10:00 and my dad in 1:56:00.

I’m hoping to do three more half marathons and then do my first full by the time I’m 25 years old. Wishful thinking? We’ll see. 😉44216958_709897752717812_7627691231400689664_n

-Jessie’s Mind


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