Cayson’s Woodland Bedroom

So… anyone that knows me knows that I love doing DIY projects! I go through spurts where I will do them a lot and other months I won’t do as much, but one of my favorite things to do is to decorate my kids rooms. Today I’m going to show you Cayson’s room and the DIY projects I did in his room!IMG_1139Welcome to Cayson’s Woodland Room! The wood look on his wall is not actually wood it is wallpaper that we got from EG Penner for cheap and it’s amazing! We got his bed from Ikea; I decided to add wood on the backboard and paint it white. The night stand was actually a black scratched up table so I decided to paint it white and add wood on top to add a rustic look. I made his little stuffed animal cage in the corner ( I can write another blog explaining how to make that). All the custom signs in his room my talented friend Erin made, if you would like to check out her work or order follow her on instagram/facebook at Spruce Corner Creations. The “C” & Shelf I got from Winners! IMG_1145.JPGWe got Cayson his cute Woodland blanket online from “Crate & Barrel”, we got it for his second birthday and got an amazing deal on it!IMG_1164.JPGCayson LOVES animals so I got this cute little crate from Dollarama and I stained it a nice espresso colour. My aunty gave me this cute little bird light that I decided to put in Cayson’s room (He will love this) it gives the perfect amount of light. I left his little book that his aunt got him on his side table because I just love the meaning to it. Also, If you’re wondering where we got all the little animals from… my grandma bought a HUGE rubbermaid full of them for $50. Such an amazing deal!IMG_1157I decided to add a little reading space to his room since he loves to “read” books. I started out by painting this oval Ikea seat white (it used to be blue). I bought two picture shelves from Ikea and put most of his books up there. I bought the little crate from Giant Tiger that I also stained espresso & I added some more books in there. The little deer head I got from Dollarama and I stained it white to match the room. I decided to go with the orange accents in the room because I already had the curtains and pillows so I thought It would match well with the fox on his bed set.IMG_1170Here’s a close up to his stuffed animal cage that I made this summer.

Stay tuned for Brexleigh’s room!

-Jessie’s Mind.


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