Jessie’s mind.

Welcome to my mind. My name is Jessica and this is my first Blog EVER! This past year I have gone through so many emotions, disappointments, downfalls & literally having my heart broken into a million pieces… I decided that I was ready to share myself with the world.

I’m very new to this whole “Blog” thing so please bare with me. I will start off by introducing myself a bit – Again… my name is Jessica or you can call me Jessie, I am twenty two years young and a loving mother to my beautiful children Cayson Reign & Brexleigh Arlowe; who I both love with ALL my heart. I spend most of my days with my boyfriend Ryan, he is my rock & I am so grateful for him. This past year has been a nightmare for my family (I will share this story in another blog as it is very long) but the three things that have helped me so much through all of this are FAMILY, the LOVE of my family & friends, and FITNESS. Fitness is one of my passions and you will hear a lot about it throughout my blogs. It has helped me stay fit, focused, & healthy to carry myself through this uphill battle.

I’ve decided to start blogging because I know there’s 100’s of people who have or are going through the same as I am. My goal is to help, motivate, & inspire parents all around the world. I know life can get tough and sometimes it isn’t fair but as parents we can NEVER ever give up on ourselves but most  importantly on our children. My story hurts, my story is sad, and my story sucks but my story is me!

“You never know what someone is going through. Be kind. Always”.

-Jessie’s Mind






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