When do you fall in love?

Did you know that there’s no such thing as love as first sight? When you start dating all you’re feeling is lust. It takes awhile to actually fall in love with your partner. I learnt this from @spoonforthought!

There’s still days I wake up and ask myself “ how was I able to live on this past 18 months… how did Ry and I last through all this?” The answer is we didn’t. We didn’t last. We became two totally different people. We aren’t the Jessica & Ryan we were a year and a half ago. We broke, we hated, we yelled, we cried, we lost, we felt our life was slowly slipping from us. We had nothing left in us. While we were going through all of those feelings & emotions we also gained so many qualities – we grew, we became stronger, we fought, we loved, we hoped, we spoke and we NEVER GAVE UP. We never gave up because even through our toughest times we were able to love more than we can ever hate. We were able to pick each other up. We were able to apologize, to move on and to focus on what our end goal was – getting our kids home.

I believe that Ryan and I truly fell in love when our lives were tearing us apart. I believe that love is seeing your partner in every shape, form and emotional state and how you can handle and deal with each other in those moments.

My tip to you is to love through the little problems that happen in your life. If you can love through the little problems you will be able to love through the big problems that ever come your way and if you last through those big problems. You will last through anything because everything else will just seem so small.


Just casually thinking 💭

I read a post the other day on Instagram and it was so real.

It was about a woman explaining that exercising isn’t just to “look better” but to “feel better” and that just hit me so hard. Why do most people workout? Because they want to lose the weight? Lose that muffin top? Be skinnier? .

We get so obsessed worrying about what size we should be wearing or what the number should be on the scale instead of focusing on the actual benefits exercise does for our bodies. We are so focused on the outside picture of ourselves that we aren’t realizing everything exercise does for the inside – what our bodies are capable of doing because we do exercise.

That extra mile we never thought we could run, the extra 20lbs we never thought we could lift, or the extra 3 push-ups you thought you could never do.

The sweat you sweat, the burning you feel, the shaking until you collapse and the tears that drop down your face. “The way you look while doing it is the least interesting part of the experience” – @balance365life

Let’s do this to feel better, become healthier, and help us be happier. Let’s do this for you! “Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness.” See right there? It says nothing about what we look like on the outside. 🦋

P.S there is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight just make sure you’re happy in the process and doing it for you!

📸 Kalina Denault Photography

Let’s get fit.

I know it has been awhile since I’ve last posted! I have been SO busy… I know that is no excuse! Anyways, I’ve had a bunch of people asking me what my plans are now that I have my Personal Training Certificate. So I thought that I would let you all know what my plans & goals are!
With everything that is going on in my life right now it is next to impossible to be able to have clients and train them at the gym. This is why I decided to become a Beachbody Coach, it is easier for me to help and give people advice from my computer/phone. I am able to help people hit their fitness goals by helping them choose a program that fits their needs just from my phone… they are able to call, txt or message me at anytime. Starting tomorrow (November 19th-December 9th) I am hosting a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group with a few girls! Everyone in this group has purchase the 21 Day Fix package and we will be doing this challenge together to help, motivate and inspire each other to be the best versions of ourselves. I am very excited to work with this group of girls and share our delicious meal plans and how our workout of the day went! Sometimes it is very hard to stick to a program alone so having people push you along the way is easier & more motivating! 0W0A9687
In the New Year, I am hoping to do some all female small group Bootcamps a couple times a week. Probably in the spring/summer, I am also very excited to start planning these! Get ready to work your buns off!
On this page I am hoping to share some delicious healthy recipes, some health advice and some awesome workouts!
To all my Beachbody clients that have purchased from me you will receive a special Bootcamp discount! A huge THANKS to everyone who has already supported me through my career decision and to everyone in the future! I wouldn’t be able to do this all without you!
Also, Thanks to Jennifer Galea Photography for taking these amazing photos! You can click this link to follow her Jennifer Galea’s Instagram
-Jessie’s Mind.

WFPS Run & Cranked Energy.

This past weekend my dad, Ry, and I ran our second Half Marathon (21.1km). It was the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Run (WFPS). It was 0 degrees out but it was the perfect weather for me to run in. It wasn’t too cold and I’m so happy it wasn’t hot! This picture was taken right when we got to our race around 7:15am. I couldn’t believe how dark it still was!

The morning of race day I don’t like to eat too much, thanks so much to Cranked Energy for giving me the perfect amount to eat with all the nutrients my body needs to sustain a half marathon! Perfect running fuel! When I woke up I had two energy bites and an hour before the race I had another one.  Have I mentioned how delicious they are?!?! Well they are absolutely delicious and come in a whole variety of flavours & also have a vegan option! My favourite flavour is the Choco-Expresso! Go give them a follow on Instagram here! —> Cranked Energy


At the start of my run I was feeling pretty good and running beside the 1:55:00 pacer, I was ahead of them until around the 9 mile mark where my legs started to seize up and I had to slow down my pace. I can’t tell you how upset I was when the 2:00:00 pacers passed me. I may have started to cry… all this hard work and I only beat my time by one minute… At least I was able to finish the race! My race time was 2:05:48. Having Cayson and Brexleigh on my mind the whole time and wearing my lucky “This is for you Cayson & Brexleigh” t-shirt on during the race helped me push through. I kept thinking how lucky I am to have them and then I would start to cry all over again lol.

I can’t tell you how much of a mental game running a half marathon is. It’s absolutely insane. You feel like giving up every second, every mile but you just keep pushing through and telling yourself you can do it! If you’ve never ran one I highly encourage you to do so, you will never regret it. Well you might during the race but once you cross the finish line there is a feeling of euphoria! A “runner’s high” some even say! It is 100% worth it!

I’m also super proud of Ryan for beating his last half marathon time by 8 minutes and finishing his race in 2:10:00 and my dad in 1:56:00.

I’m hoping to do three more half marathons and then do my first full by the time I’m 25 years old. Wishful thinking? We’ll see. 😉44216958_709897752717812_7627691231400689664_n

-Jessie’s Mind

Brexleigh’s Room

Welcome to Brexleigh’s room! Before I start getting into my emotional side of my blog I would like to show you Brexleigh’s room. Her room doesn’t really have a theme to it yet because I’m not quite sure on what she likes. However, I did add flowers here and there  so I guess we can call it the ” flower room”.

Over her bed I hung a white canopy with flowers that I glued on. The canopy I got from Ikea and the flowers I bought from Dollarama. Adding the flowers to the canopy added some beautiful character to the room.

A few of us pitched in to buy Brexleigh this Teepee tent for her birthday. I didnt expect it to be as big as it is but I think its the perfect space for her teddy bears and “reading space”. We ordered this Teepee on Etsy from iloveteepee. I added some greenery from Dollarama on the top of the Teepee & also some lights that I got from Ikea a few years back. It is SO cozy in the room when all the lights are off except for the ones on the Teepee!IMG_2087On this shelf is a picture of Brex with her Aunty Ashley ( her Godmother) , a wooden sign with her name that I made before she was born and a zebra figure that my mom bought for her first birthday and got her name put on it by Spruce Corner Creations. My daughter was diagnosed with Infantile Rickets & Ehlers-Danlos type 3 this year. The zebra is Ehlers-Danlos symbol and that is why it is in there standing proud with Brexleigh’s name on it. You are a fighting Zebra Brex!

Here is a better view of her room. The measuring plank was also made by my talented friend Erin from Spruce Corner Creations you can follow her on Instagram or Facebook! I’m excited for Brex to grow up in her room and be able to sleep in it every night. P.S how cute is her little unicorn storage box from Winners?!

A huge THANKS to everyone who has checked out or followed my blog this past month!

-Jessie’s Mind.

Unicorn Cake Smash!

In exactly a week our beautiful little girl turns ONE! I cannot believe it… We decided to throw Brexleigh a Unicorn birthday party! I will be posting a blog on Sunday of her birthday party. For now take a look of how her cake smash went! I was lucky enough to win this cake made by Cake & Co in an Instagram giveaway! I love the ombré purple and it tasted amazing!! Both of my kids loved it and so did mommy & daddy (shhhh)! I got her little unicorn headband at a store in Naples, Florida. Isn’t it just so adorable? She’s such a cute little Unicorn! All the decor was made by ‘Mama’s Got a Glue Gun’. She did such an amazing job and she also made me a 1-12month banner for Brex. The balloons I got from Heier Designs Florist & the Unicorn balloon I got from the great Canadian Dollar Store. She loved posing for all her pictures. She smiled the whole time! A huge thanks to my cousin Chantal for taking these pictures!!

Can you tell she does not like getting dirty?

Happy Wednesday all!!

-Jessie’s Mind

Cayson’s Woodland Bedroom

So… anyone that knows me knows that I love doing DIY projects! I go through spurts where I will do them a lot and other months I won’t do as much, but one of my favorite things to do is to decorate my kids rooms. Today I’m going to show you Cayson’s room and the DIY projects I did in his room!IMG_1139Welcome to Cayson’s Woodland Room! The wood look on his wall is not actually wood it is wallpaper that we got from EG Penner for cheap and it’s amazing! We got his bed from Ikea; I decided to add wood on the backboard and paint it white. The night stand was actually a black scratched up table so I decided to paint it white and add wood on top to add a rustic look. I made his little stuffed animal cage in the corner ( I can write another blog explaining how to make that). All the custom signs in his room my talented friend Erin made, if you would like to check out her work or order follow her on instagram/facebook at Spruce Corner Creations. The “C” & Shelf I got from Winners! IMG_1145.JPGWe got Cayson his cute Woodland blanket online from “Crate & Barrel”, we got it for his second birthday and got an amazing deal on it!IMG_1164.JPGCayson LOVES animals so I got this cute little crate from Dollarama and I stained it a nice espresso colour. My aunty gave me this cute little bird light that I decided to put in Cayson’s room (He will love this) it gives the perfect amount of light. I left his little book that his aunt got him on his side table because I just love the meaning to it. Also, If you’re wondering where we got all the little animals from… my grandma bought a HUGE rubbermaid full of them for $50. Such an amazing deal!IMG_1157I decided to add a little reading space to his room since he loves to “read” books. I started out by painting this oval Ikea seat white (it used to be blue). I bought two picture shelves from Ikea and put most of his books up there. I bought the little crate from Giant Tiger that I also stained espresso & I added some more books in there. The little deer head I got from Dollarama and I stained it white to match the room. I decided to go with the orange accents in the room because I already had the curtains and pillows so I thought It would match well with the fox on his bed set.IMG_1170Here’s a close up to his stuffed animal cage that I made this summer.

Stay tuned for Brexleigh’s room!

-Jessie’s Mind.